The Arrest



Peter Sutcliffe told he boss in Clarks Transport just before the 1980 Christmas break ‘I may not be back. I have things to do’ It was less than six weeks since he had murdered Jacqueline Hill in Headingley and they had a good photofit of him and an accurate description of his Rover car. Yet nobody was interested in arresting him. He couldnt understand it.

The West Yorkshire police had interviewed him twelve times at least and had gone away. He had driven ito Leeds that day to shop with his wife after phoning to say that the Ripper would kill again today and eventhough Leeds was deserted, nobody took any notice of him.

Sutcliffe didnt know that the Ripper squad now knew the identity of the Real Ripper since I had been to see them on 17th November 1979. They had to wait for Billy Tracey to travel to the UK in order to get him. They werent interested in the copycat killer who was mentally off the wall and endangered their prized capture and the fame that would go with it. They were euphoric in their wait for Tracey to come into their area to kill again. but they hadnt reckoned on the actions of the lunatic copycat killer who believed he was the Ripper and who wanted to be arrested as such.

‘Sheffield will not be missed. Next on the list‘. Sutcliffe’s poem sent to the Sheffield Star newspaper gives some insight into his state of mind.

Peter Sutcliffe had been hanging around the Sheffield red light district for four days and he was already familiar with the area. He had been reported to the police on a number of occasions in those four days. He came into the Little Mesters pub in Broomhall a few times and the landlady said he was weird. He wouldn’t talk to anyone and stood aloof. They noticed his resemblance to the man wanted for the Hill murder in Leeds and that he didn’t have a local accent and they reported this suspicious character to the police. It was not unreasonable at the time. The odd thing is that the police didn’t come. A young boy also saw him standing in a laneway so strangely that he ran and told his father who reported the incident to the police.

So Peter Sutcliffe, an oddly behaving stranger, who was stinking in his dirty underwear without a change for four or five days was a man who stood out and had been reported to the police as resembling the Ripper by a few people at least.

The police didnt actually come to him as a result of these phone calls in any case. The crazed man had to phone them himself to tell them there was a man acting suspiciously with a prostitute in Melbourne avenue just before he picked up Olivia Reivers. Another prostitute reported seeing him coming out of a phone box just before he picked up Reivers.

This report in the Sheffield Star confirms these facts and the national media went along with the police frame up without question once the charges were laid against Sutcliffe.


This article in the Sheffield Star on the 5th January 1981 gives further information on how Sutcliffe was trying to get a prostitute for his planned arrest. It must be remembered that he didnt want the girl for sex.

The Press Conference
report by Peter Newman
That uproarious press conference following the arrest of Peter
Sutcliffe reveals the holes in the official Yorkshire Ripper story as
nothing else does. A picture says more than a thousand words. That
press conference gives the game away.
Oldfield seemingly was already seated on the left before Gregory and
Hobson walked in. Oldfield looked totally dejected and also
frightened. There was also a sense of ‘resigned to the inevitable.’
The Yorkshire Ripper had just been caught, so we’d been told. If that
were the case, then all Oldfield’s problems were solved. Yet
Oldfield’s demeanour and facial expression showed him to be totally
dejected. We now know that this was a sign that he was resigned to the
inevitability of the coming cover-up, and of his complete failure to
catch the Ripper.
The bottom line: the REAL Yorkshire Ripper had totally defeated
Oldfield. And he died soon afterwards, a broken man.
Jim Hobson walked out in front of the cameras with a patently false
and forced smile on his face, which then gave way to a frown, mingled
with fear and apprehension. Hobson remained silent, clearly forcing a
fake smile, during the available footage.
Like Holland, Gregory walked out to face the cameras with a clearly
forced and fake smile, which at times gave way to an uneasy frown. He
put on a brave face and came out with the words: “and I can tell you
that we are absolutely delighted with developments at this stage,
absolutely delighted!”
His facial expression and his demeanour showed him to be anything but
delighted. This amazing performance was not consistent with policemen
having just caught the Yorkshire Ripper.
The video footage of that unbelievable press conference is quite
fascinating. It belongs in the psychology department of every
university in the world.

George Oldfield looking downcast and dejected. Chief Constable Ronald Gregory right of him speaking to chief Superintendant Jim Hobson who was then in charge of the hunt for the Ripper.

‘We are all delighted’

Ronald Gregory

‘absolutely delighted’

Gregory had to sit between Oldfield and Hobson because of their rivalry but all three knew they had a known nutter and copycat killer on their hands and that the media were baying for the capture of the Ripper.


There was no way they could have told the public they had allowed this well known nutter Peter Sutcliffe, who had been elininated as the Ripper 12 times, to remain at large and kill, while they were waiting for the real Ripper to travel to the UK. It was all so surreal and done to satisfy and placate the public. Billy Tracey, the real Ripper would have taken it all in his stride. It was business as usual for him and par for the course.




This is an extract from Michael Bilton’s Sunday Times review when his book was launched. It shows how Sutcliffe planted the tools to create suspicion. He gave a false name first then had false number plates on his car for no obvious reason and planted tools here then another knife in the police toilet cistern.




On the 25th April 1999 the News of the World had a big feature about the arrest of the Ripper and it was the story of the cop who trapped the Ripper. All the evidence has been revised and Dessie O’Boyle has twisted the facts to suit his purpose which is to further fool the public into believing that he trapped the Ripper when in fact the lunatic Peter Sutcliffe forced the police hand to arrest him as the Ripper and the rest is history. O’Boyle has told a bag full of lies and whether he is deliberately cunning or an entirely stupid policeman I will leave to the reader to judge.

In particular he has told the lie that Sutcliffe’s blood group was not known by the police until then and he also has reduced the bite to one eighth of an inch. He seems unaware that Joan Harrison the Preston girl was bitten by a man with a bite equivalent to two teeth missing and Josephine Whittaker was bitten by the same killer.

I once tried to phone him when I was in Halifax and I was given a message by an equally puzzled policeman ‘Inspector O’Boyle is not allowed to speak to you, Mr O’Gara.’

All in all, far from being a top detective, Dessie O’Boyle is a disgrace to the name and he secured his promotion on the back of this detective work.

Here is the evidence that the police destroyed the evidence relating to Peter Sutcliffe to keep the lid on their cover up. They only needed his confessions and that squared everything. It was not all the police who were at fault but the gang of senior insiders who knew the facts and never told the troops on the ground.

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