Roger Cross was the head crime reporter in the Yorkshire Post which has a near monopoly on the media in Yorkshire. Any news about the Yorkshire Ripper would have to be authorised by him because Cross was the acknowledged expert on the subject. Other reporters who were told about my story would refer it to Roger Cross and he was just not interested in upsetting the apple cart. He would never meet me and talked to me a few times but never conceded any weakness in the case against Sutcliffe being the Yorkshire Ripper. Roger Cross didn’t want to discuss the copycat Ripper at all and insisted there was only one Ripper. His book has airbrushed all the hard evidence out and moved the goal posts with Peter Sutcliffe alone in the frame.

Roger Cross also dismissed Sutcliffe’s blood group by quoting the lines of George Oldfield that the B blood semen may have gotten there by other clients of these prostitutes. This is not credible because prostitutes invariably give their customers a condom to put on before intercourse and only the Yorkshire Ripper didn’t have the need for that.

Roger Cross was the son of a superintendent in the police.

He died of cancer a few years ago.



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