David Yallop is a leading investigative writer who had written the manuscript for his book ‘Deliver us from Evil’ following two and a half years of on the ground research mainly in the North of England. His manuscript had been delivered to his publishers who were preparing the book for publication just before Peter Sutcliffe was arrested. It was handed back to him and in the rush to print following Peter Sutcliffe’s ‘trial’, Yallop had to rewrite his book with Peter Sutcliffe in the frame as the Yorkshire Ripper. He explains it in this note and I enclose here several extracts from his book to prove his bad faith.

Even Yallop knew about the strange man from the Bingley Shipley area.

Before his arrest in Sheffield, the crazy copycat killer Peter Sutcliffe made contact with the police, with private detective Jim Lyness, with clairvoyants and even with the well publicised writer David Yallop who most likely met him and referred the police to him. David Yallop was just one of many who was contacted by Sutcliffe the crazy copycat killer who believed he was the Ripper, prior to his arrest in his efforts to tell them he was the Ripper and Yallop gives a clue to this meeting in his note above. But the police knew different. They knew that there was a copycat killer involved in the enquiry and that Sutcliffe was that copycat killer. They were focused on catching the Ripper but they had to play a waiting game until the Irishman would travel to the UK before they could lay their hands on him. It was a different matter after the police accepted Peter Sutcliffe as the Yorkshire Ripper and by then David Yallop was able to make that boast to the chief constable when he published his book after Sutcliffe’s trial. He, more than anyone should have known better, but he now claimed to have arrived at that correct solution in June 1980. David Yallop believed the lie that Peter Sutcliffe was B blood group while the police knew he was O blood and had been thoroughly eliminated because of this.

David Yallop had no reason then to believe the police would fit up a crazy copy-cat killer because it was unheard of in criminal history. His book was my best resource because he had managed to secure most of the police reports of the incidents and suspects and he published them. How he acquired these reports one can only guess at, but it would not be in any official capacity and I am certain the police were angry with him for publishing their confidential scene of crime reports. Significantly David Yallop had as his number one suspect a stocky bearded Irishman whose facial and physical attributes matched Billy Tracey to a tee. This description of the Irish suspect was on the record long before I ever met Tracey.

Yallop’s source for this evidence came from a witness, Maria Sellars, who saw the victim with her last customer, a man the police never subsequently found. This is his own description of this man.

A similarly described man was seen at two subsequent murder scenes. After the murder of Jayne McDonald a witness came forward and described him again.

Then after the murder of Tina Atkinson in her flat in Bradford a similarly described man was seen and the police again put out a call for him.

This is a police photofit of the suspect Irishman and a photo of Billy Tracey beside it.

It was about this time that the crazy copycat killer Peter Sutcliffe came into the picture and his description began to be associated with the Ripper.

After Peter Sutcliffe’s arrest David Yallop had to make the copycat killer Sutcliffe fit the frame in his book and he did a pretty good job in this but it was an impossible task and left the great crime writer with many major questions which were unexplained.

an extract from Yallop’s book page 153

Nevertheless, his book published in the Summer of 1981 which focused on the Irishman was my first knowledge of an Irish suspect and it reinforced my conviction of the truth and the reality of my incredible belief that Tracey was the Ripper, a belief that until then I thought I would never be able to substantiate. How could anyone possibly believe me?

I was burdened with this knowledge and it weighed me down. David Yallop’s research lifted me to the extent that I then knew I could prove my belief to an intelligent person who would listen to me or study it. Yallop was the only person. His book showed me that a man matching exactly the description of the man I believed was the Ripper was the number one suspect long before I even knew Billy Tracey.

Yallop was lied to by the police who were busily trying to paper over the many cracks in the case against Sutcliffe and they were confidant that his confessions would be accepted and he would be installed in a mental home without a trial. He believed them when they told him that Sutcliffe was B blood when in fact he is O group and that was the main reason he was eliminated twelve times.

It was with great difficulty that I managed to phone David Yallop via his publishers when I was in London in 1983 and he told me he was too busy working on another book about the Pope who he said was murdered and he became quite angry when I told him I had prepared a manuscript which contained much of his book but with the copycat killer and Tracey in correct context. I requested that he meet me and asked him would he rewrite his book now that he has the full story. He declined, got angry with me and started talking about legal threats if I used his work in my book. I was willing to give him the full story free gratis if only he would listen to it and rewrite this amazing story.

It was a trudge from Hell with Tracey never far away and the police in favour of believing his innocence to cover their own work on convicting Sutcliffe.

Policemen never admitted their mistakes. Miscarriages of justice were unheard of. Newspaper crime correspondents, who fed off police briefings and tip-offs in all criminal trials quoted policemen like gospel. That was in 1981. Perceptions have changed since then. I had been rejected by all the media people whom I thought might be able to help to straighten the record. The Birmingham bombers were locked up and proclaiming their innocence but very few wanted to help them. Similarly the Guildford 4 and the Maguire 7 and a bevy ot other innocent people who would be released because of faulty convictions based on fabricated evidence and dodgy confessions.

Even if the famous crime writer David Yallop had asserted what I was asserting from Ireland he would have had great difficulty then.

What chance would an Irishman living in Ireland have of overturning such a massive judicial farce in the London courts then or now? Naievely, I thought the police would grasp it but every policeman I approached ducked it or referred me to the police who had fitted up Peter Sutcliffe. Irish police were frankly afraid to get involved.They have wives and families. Billy Tracey has a record of threatening policemen’s wives and children and they all passed it like a hot potato. They said the murders were committed in England, the UK police were satisfied that they got the right man and it was not their responsibility.

But Tracey is still somewhere. He was reported to be seen in Manchester in 2005 and later in London. Now I see my role as informing the public of my experience. After all they have to live with the danger too.

I can run faster than him and I don’t fear him any more. He has lived in the UK since 1984 and undoubtedly has murdered since 1979. I ought to say that I know of many other serious crimes he committed both in Ireland and the UK, and the Ripper murders that he chose to link were only a chapter in his life of crime. His supreme confidence in his own invincibility was well founded. The public were conditioned to believe that the Ripper was some sort of crazy lunatic who would ultimately be caught. He was far from that.

David Yallop, like Michael Bilton, was one of a very few insiders apart from the senior police, who would have known that Sutcliffe was the patsy when it was brought to his attention by me after his Irish suspect suddenly materialised. However because he had a successful book, shown above and a string of other true crime books in print and on bookshelves everywhere and he was making a lot of money from them, David Yallop was unwilling to help me in any way that would conflict with his own published work. If he was to reinvent his book about the Ripper, that would undermine his other book plots and he would be exposed as a gullible author. The Vatican would have had a field day because of him blackening their name with allegations of murder of a pope when he launched that sensational book in such a media driven manner. He went on TV promotions in Ireland and the UK and massively increased his profile worldwide with that amazing story. David Yallop refused to put the record straight with the Yorkshire Ripper.

His research and the evidence he shows in his book about the Yorkshire Ripper is excellent and well researched but he made one big mistake by believing the police got the right man in light of all the evidence he had that pointed to two killers being involved. He failed to take on board the fact that the police were corrupt liars who closed the case with the confessions of this copycat killer. This failure to draw the correct conclusion from all the facts undermines David Yallop and if his conclusions in the case of his allegations of murder of a pope are anything like those in the Yorkshire Ripper case, then his story is nothing more than a plausible tale which he exploited for commercial gain.

For refusing to put the true facts forward David Yallop is guilty of helping Billy Tracey, the Real Yorkshire Ripper to remain at large and also guilty by wilful contributory negligence of the deaths of all the victims Tracey has murdered since then.

He was seen on television last year reassuring Richard McCann, the son of Wilma McCann, that his mother was not a prostitute, while his book twenty three years ago records and elaborates on the fact that she was a prostitute. Yallop and Bilton have been wheeled out on television programmes and asked for their opinions as Ripper experts many times and each has always backed his published work. For that they are both guilty of deception and reckless behaviour that has lead to other murders.

Whenever over the past twenty years my allegations surfaced in the UK, one of these supposed “experts” would be called upon to refute what I alleged. The media always gave them the podium along with the particular police spokesman and I would be marginalised or ignored. Even if Billy Tracey himself came along and made full and detailed confessions to all the murders they would maintain their positions and beliefs to protect themselves.

Nobody knew better than Yallop and Bilton that there were two killers involved in the Ripper enquiry but their books which were in print were more important to them than losing face by admitting that they had been fooled and later helping to put the record straight. Such an admission would cast grave doubt over Yallop’s credibility and allegations that the pope was murdered. Such an admission would undermine all his published works.

David Yallop has a vested interest in Peter Sutcliffe being the one and only Ripper and like Michael Bilton, he has acted as a shield which has covered for all those years the corrupt policemen who knowingly framed the lunatic copycat killer Peter Sutcliffe as the Yorkshire Ripper.

David Yallop himself has helped cause the murders of innocent people by his silence and greed. He got the Ripper famously wrong when he uniquely had hard evidence to hand, so its almost a certainty that his speculation about the Vatican is nothing more than that and it is against two persons who cannot answer back from the grave. His book and subsequent actions about the Yorkshire Ripper have destroyed any credibility he had.

Currently this writer who lied to protect his own flawed murder book and by extension the corrupt police who framed Sutcliffe is promoting his latest work alleging wrongdoing and corruption in the Vatican and in the life of a dead pope who cannot answer back. He no doubt has all the ingredients of intrigue laced together in a plausible tale of lies and deceit that echoes that other famous book of fiction the DaVinci Code.

Meanwhile the real Ripper Billy Tracey is living in London as is Yallop who is as unconcerned about that as the corrupt police who framed the lunatic Sutcliffe and who still cling to the belief that they got the right man.

But for other innocent members of the public the story is quite different. These are some of the victims of a five year period during which Yallop lied to save his own financial interests while leaving the innocent public at risk.



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