Investigating Officers


Not too many policemen would let the Ripper get away after what he did.

But these policemen all did just that and covered it up.



Chief Constable Ronald Gregory.  Wakefield
Was in overall control of enquiry Resigned June 1983 after O’ Gara’s allegations were published in England.Sold his lying memoirs to the Mail on Sunday to bolster the fabricated conviction of the fake Yorkshire Ripper.
Assistant Chief Con. George Oldfield. Leeds.

Took control of murder hunt after the Jayne McDonald murder.He was exposed in 1992 for framing the innocent Judith Ward as an IRA bomber.

He asked the media to identify the Irish suspect after the McDonald murder. Resigned June 1983.

Det. Chief Superintendent James Hobson. Leeds.

Assumed overall control after the Hill murder in 1980. Resigned June 1983.

Deputy Chief Con. John Bennion. Leeds Appointed A.C.C crime after Gregory resigned in 1983. Moved from West Yorkshire after he found out about the cover-up
Deputy Chief Con. Austin Haywood. Leeds Prevent press leaks to journalists during the murder hunt. Retired.

Det. Superintendent Alf Finlay. Leeds.

The Jacqueline Hill Murder enquiry and the murder of Mrs. Clay in Dewsbury. Resigned in June 1983.
Chief Constable Colin Sampson. Leeds. Conducted police internal enquiry in 1981. Retired 1.4.1989, shortly after reading O’ Gara manuscript.
Det. Superintendent Frank Morritt. Leeds Jim Hobson’s assistant and confidante Retired
Chief Inspector Bullock. Leeds. Investigated the Jackson murder Retired
Chief Superintendent John Clark. Dewsbury. In control of Sutcliffe as a suspect. Insisted that Sutcliffe be interviewed by senior officers after his arrest. Retired
Bob Baxter Wakefield. Chief press officers. W.Yorks police. Facilitated a police cover up.
A.C.C. Thomas M.Cook. Wakefield Currently A.C.C. for crime Engaged in the cover-up.
Chief Constable Peter Nobes. Wakefield Assisted D.C.C. Colin Sampson in police internal enquiry Retired 1993.
Superintendent Peter Silvester (community Affairs). Leeds. Helped organise publicity campaign to identify the Geordie tape in 1979. Retired.
Det. Superintendent Geoge MacKeating. Wakefield Came to Ireland in 1988 to collect murder weapon.

Det. Chief Superintendent Dick Holland. Bradford

In overall command in late 1979 when Oldfield had a heart attact. He got the tip-off from O’Gara. After Sutcliffe’s arrest, he offered him a deal for his admissions. He later told the Sunday Times journalist that a special squd should be set up to get the Irishman. Demoted and Resigned in 1983
Assistant Chief Constable John Domaille. Bradford.

In charge of the Tina Atkinson murder and once in overall control He reissued the identikit photo of the bearded Irishman in 1977. Resigned in 1984

Det.Chief Superintendent Peter Gilrain. Bradford.

In charge of  the Leach murder and later in overall charge of enquiry. Resigned 1983

Chief Superintendent Keith Hellewell


Interviewed Sutcliffe in Jail,
Sends him XMAS cards
Moved to Humberside Police Force. Chief Constable of W. Yorks police since Feb 1993

Det. Sgt. Peter Smith. Bradford.

Conducted Sutcliffe’s 3rd interview At Sutcliffe’s interrogation. ” Wrote down confession.” Retired in 1985
Det. Chief Inspector George Smith. Bradford Investigated Leach murder. Searched Sutcliffe’s house on arrest.No evidence found Retired in 1981.
Chief Superintendent Trevor Lapish. Bradford Investigated Pearson murder in 1978. Retired
Detective Chief Inspector Wiseman. Bradford. Investigated the Atkinson and Pearson murders. Retired
Detective Constable Andrew Laptew. Bradford. Interviewed Sutcliffe in 1979 Named Sutcliffe as ‘Ripper’.suspect . His reports were shelved by Chief Supt. Holland

Detective Inspector John Boyle. Bradford

On Ripper squad. Recipent of Sutcliffe’s “confession”. Visited Tracey in 1983 in Ireland. Resigned July 1988. Now in jail!
Detective Sgt. John Mason. Bradford. On ripper squad. Assisted John Boyle with Tracey in 1983 in Ireland and met O’ Gara in 1988.
Detective Superintendent Peter Penny. Bradford. Investigated the Rogulsky assault in 1975. Retired

Chief Constable James Anderton. Manchester

Jean Jordan and Vera Millward murders.
He was a Ripper suspect himself at one time because of his resemblance to Tracey and his lay preachers attitude towards prostitution.
Doesn’t want to be told about it.
Chief Superintendent Jack Ridgeway.Manchester


Chief of Manchester C.I.D. in charge of the Jordan and Millward murders. Resigned.
Chief Inspector Frank Atkinson Manchester. On Ripper squad. Got the tip-off “Ripper” identity from N O’ Gara in November 1979. Resigned.
Detective Sgt. Fletcher. Manchester. On Ripper squad Got the tip-off “Ripper” identity from N O’ Gara in November 1979. Resigned.
Deputy Chief Constable John Stalker. Manchester.
Crime Investigated O’ Gara’s allegations in 1987 after his reinstatement as A.C.C. Resigned 1987
Detective Constable Henderson. Manchester. Crime Met N. O’ Gara at airport in November 1979.
Detective Constable Page Manchester. Crime Met N. O’ Gara in November 1979.
Police Constable Webster.
Investigated Jordan murder.
Chief Constable A. Laugharne Preston. Control of the Harrison murder enquiry. Retired 1983.
Deputy Chief Constable J.W. Moody. Preston. Responsible for the Harrison murder enquiry Retired 1984
Detective Chief Supt. Wilfred Brooks. Preston. In control of the Harrison murder enquiry with Oldfild at Geordie tape press-conference. Resigned 1983
Chief supt Ray Rimmer. Preston. Crime Informed in 1983 by O’ Gara. Resigned.
Detective Constable Frank Gardner. Preston Interviewed Sutcliffe after his arrest re : Harrison murder. Sutcliffe was eliminated by him.
Detective Superintendant Graham Gooch. Lancashire Police HQ.

In 2001 he officially dismissed all this evidence. Graham Gooch – Course Leader, Police & Criminal Investigation 01772 894387 MB128 (Maudland Building) Graham Gooch is lecturer in police and criminal investigation. He joined the university in July 2001 having served for thirty years in the police service. The first 20 years in the Metropolitan Police: the last ten as senior investigating officer in the Lancashire Constabulary.


Police Sgt. Robert  Ring Sheffield.

Crime Arrested Sutcliffe on suspicion in Sheffield. Retired.Sgt. John Oldham. CreweDuty Sgt when Richard Webb was charged with the murder.Det. Chief Supt. Bert Spencer Congleton.Head of Cheshire C.I.D.  Resigned. overall charge of murder of Josephine Gross- Niklaus. Resigned.Det. Chief Inspector Neville Jones, Congleton.In charge of prosecuting court case for police.Resigned.Det. Sgt. John Evans Congleton.Gross- Nicklaus murderArrested, interroggated and intimidated Webb. Resigned.Inspector Derek Edwin Farmer. ChesterGross- Nicklaus murder Arrested, interroggated and intimidated Webb. Commander Jim Neville Scotland Yard. Called in to assist ripper enquiry in December 1979. Resigned 1981. Detective Chief Supt. Joe Bolton. Scotland Yard. Called in to assist ripper enquiry in December 1979. Resigned.Assistant Chief Constable Brian Johnson. Northumbria.To trace the Geordie voice.With Oldfield at Geordie tape press-conference in 1979. Now Chief Constable of Lancashire Police.

Chief Constable James Brownlow Sheffield.

Arrest of Sutcliffe in Sheffield.Knowing Sutcliffe was not the Ripper he ordered his men not to comment on the arrest.

Det Sgt Desmond O’Boyle Leeds


was involved in interviewing Sutcliffe after he was taken from Sheffield. O’Boyle knew Sutcliffe was not the Ripper and knew he was O blood group and had been eliminated by him previously.

promoted to Inspector for his involvement in the confessions of Sutcliffe. Sold his story full of lies and distortions to the Sun in 2003.



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